NOP Pump

NOP Pump

NOP supplies pumps which are used to transfer fuel, water, oil and special liquids in all fields according to the purpose and the usage.
The Pumps include Trochoid Pump, Lunary Pump, Procon, Micro Top, Cleanhat, Diaphragm Pump and etc, while Hydraulic Motors include Orbmark motors, white motors and etc.


Trochoid Pumps

・Flow rate: 1-8L/min

・Flow rate: 4-36L/min

・Coolant pumps

・Flow rate: 39-117L/min

・Flow rate: 100-500L/min

・Normal and bidirectional types

・Fuel pumps

・Filtration pumps

・Relief valves


Sealless pumps

・Magnetic pumps


Vane Pumps

・GWP Low pressure vane pumps for water

・Procon pumps


Hydraulic Motors

・Orbmark motors

・White motors

・Motors with mechanical brake

・Speed reducers

・Hydraulic control valves

・Index motors